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Skin Patch / Glue on Hair for coverage | Unisex |

Skin Patch / Glue on Hair for coverage | Unisex |

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Nish Hair Skin Patch is perfect for women/ men who have balding in spots or hair line that is receding . This covers up the right amount and can be used for sticking wherever you wish and you may cut it as per your bald spot. 

we do provide an extra double tape and it comes with one stuck on the patch , so that it is ready to use.

Instructions to use - when you will recieve the product it will have one side white/blue paper which once pulled out will have the sticky side out  (which is the double tape ). You may clean the area where you wish to stick it & preferably with no hair on that part of your scalp. Once stuck do not repeatedly change it's position coz the tape can lose it's stickiness. You may sleep with it and can have it on for couple of days but it totally depends on your sweat glands , which means for how long the tape can hold on to the area where you have stuck it.

Once you have used your extra tape too , you may purchase a wig / double tape on amazon or other avenues . We do not sell the tape yet . For any queries please DM us

Watch our videos & follow us on instagram to know more. 

Please Note : it is non returnable & non exchangeable .

Delivery Time 5-6 Days .

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